Roberto Stern

Roberto is CEO and Creative Director for H.Stern, Brazilian Jeweler. In this blog he gives an insight into his vision and talks about the collaborations he has with creative people from all over the world.

Katie Holmes for IRIS

“In Brazil she’s been hard to miss and the posters are quite a head-turner: Katie Holmes sporting the IRIS collection and not much else.

Katie is the perfect choice for our latest collection. She’s beautiful, stylish, has great taste and sincere integrity. Of course, Katie is also the ideal choice because she represents our target group in general. Young, successful and ambitious.

H.Stern IRIS Collection

After a number of collections related to people, we decided to look at a more natural inspiration this time – the sea – and created a new line called IRIS. In Greek mythology, Iris was a goddess of the rainbow, sky and sea, and the daughter of Thaumas, a marine god and Electra, Oceanus’ daughter.”

Our starting point was the HMS Challenger’s scientific expedition, which left the UK in 1873 and covered over 68,000 nautical miles in 1,000 days. Along the way they collected and recorded countless new animal species, which they later set down in a 50-volume collection of books. We used these amazing drawings, including thousands of shells and incredible fauna never seen before, as our inspiration.

H.Stern IRIS Collection

We aimed to reflect the beauty and richness of the abstract forms, smoothness and subtle gradient of colour, texture and brightness of the shells and marine animals as simply as possible. Different shades of gold from yellow to Noble 18k rose gold – even black gold – are offset by the brilliance of precious stones. If I had to describe it I’d say it’s a minimalist translation that in the end mimics the delicacy of feminine silhouettes. In total we produced 46 different items – each showcasing the ingenuity of the natural world that surrounds us.”

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