Roberto Stern

Roberto is CEO and Creative Director for H.Stern, Brazilian Jeweler. In this blog he gives an insight into his vision and talks about the collaborations he has with creative people from all over the world.

The movement of Grupo Corpo

“It’s a well-known fact within H. Stern that I love my home country. I’ll share with you here how my love of Brazil led to one of our more fiery collections.

Do you know why I love this country so much? I’ll tell you one of the reasons. Because we embrace life to the full. We are passionate. Energetic. And we love beauty. I wanted to try and merge two aspects of that beauty in one of our collections. Fixed form and fluidity – jewellery and dance. And so we got in touch with Grupo Corpo – one of Brazil’s most flamboyant dance troupes. They are a beautiful balance between baroque and contemporary beauty and a great expression of all that’s Brazil.

H.Stern Grupo Corpo Campaign

Combining something static like jewellery with something as fluid as dance is not easy. So we spent weeks studying all aspects of their productions – from conceptualisation of the themes, to choreography, costumes and set design. We spent hours talking about their craft. It was a completely new area to us – really exciting.

It was truly a challenge, this project. Expressing the energy of the dance in solid form called for a new approach to tri-dimensionality and metalwork. There were so many things to take into account – textures, depth, dynamics and grace. It called for a level of intuition, feeling and improvisation we had not experienced before.

The resulting collection of avant-garde jewellery transcends the concept of jewellery as objects. It’s a true ensemble of unique artistic interpretations that combine the tangible nature of precious stones and the intangibility of moving grace and beauty. In jewellery that will last for years, we captured the complex world of dance in which imbalance, or at least perceived imbalance, can be more important than planed, rehearsed steps. We can be proud of ourselves. “

H.Stern Grupo Corpo Campaign


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