Roberto Stern

Roberto is CEO and Creative Director for H.Stern, Brazilian Jeweler. In this blog he gives an insight into his vision and talks about the collaborations he has with creative people from all over the world.

Carlinhos Brown, anything but mainstream

“We at H.Stern can certainly not be accused of only going mainstream. This was illustrated clearly again when we produced our Carlinhos Brown collection.

Carlinhos Brown – Brazilian superstar – singer, painter and artist. Anyone who has spent any time in Brazil knows him. He’s huge in our country – known as Omelette Man because he has so many influences. We created our Miscigen Collection together, which means of mixed descent.

Roberto on the Carlinhos Brown collection

Carlinhos is an amazing guy. Like our jewellery, his talents are incredibly multi-faceted and he draws inspiration from all sorts of areas. He’s one of the leaders of the Bahian sound movement – Afro-Brazilian percussion with a touch of Reggae. He’s also incredibly Brazilian – driven by the many influences that make this country so great – beauty, fashion and passion, among other things.”

I’ve always loved his sound so I was delighted when Carlinhos wore one of our golf-feathers necklaces to the MTV awards in 1997. He was heard to comment how “This necklace is me all the way”. So I got in touch and we decided together to make a whole collection that reflected what he stood for.

We spent a long time researching Carlinhos’ background, music, art and other influences. After 14 months of hard work the Miscigen Collection finally hit the stores. The jewels have special textures and original finishes with small diamonds that give them a special charm. I think we managed to reflect another part of Brazil’s unique culture and character through an original collection of outstanding beauty – and had a great time creating it.”

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