Roberto Stern

Roberto is CEO and Creative Director for H.Stern, Brazilian Jeweler. In this blog he gives an insight into his vision and talks about the collaborations he has with creative people from all over the world.

Strolling through São Paulo with the Campana Brothers

“Furniture and jewelry – not the most obvious bedmates. Yet we produced a hugely successful collection based on the work and ideas of the Campana brothers – the Brazilian furniture wizards…

Like most of the people we’ve worked with on collections, Fernando and Humberto are no less than geniuses in their profession. They have done the wackiest things – turning plastic tubes, ropes and cardboard into screens, sofas, chairs – all sorts of amazing products. They get their inspiration from street views and the range of cultures they discover roaming around Sao Paolo.

Campana Brothers

We knew from the start working together was going to be exciting as all three of us tend to want to break the tried-and-tested rules of design. We didn’t know we’d end up being quite as revolutionary though.

We spent several months together, for example at the sites where they usually find inspiration – hippie markets, recycling facilities, even plumbing and hardware stores. I had challenged them to bring to our jewelry the audacity with which they work on their own creations. They certainly didn’t disappoint.

Even though I say so myself, we created some wonderful, hugely creative things inspired by some really uncommon materials such as fishing nets and mandalas – and by some of their furniture like the drain table and zigzag screen, which we transformed into necklaces, earrings and rings. We also made jewels that lit up like lamps.

Roberto on the Campana Brothers collection
The most revolutionary items are the concept jewels though that are more than mere adornment and actually perform a secondary function as clothing or decorative objective. We made sleeves out of gold mesh, a mosaic necklace, a necklace that reaches down to the knee, and much more. All in all, we really pushed the envelope with this collection, and we we’re still all delighted with the results.”

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